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5 Australian Albums Released in 2012 That You Need To Hear

These are in no particular order, but each of these albums grabbed my attention in 2012 and I fear they may have slipped under the critical radar (maybe you have not even heard of these artists until now). So here’s five albums that spun endlessly at Lost Shark Headquarters in 2012.


Charge GroupCharge Group

Soaring in its beauty and cinematic in its scope, Charge Group’s eponymous second album has been a staple for me this past 12months. And what has made the album so dear to me is the fact that I got to experience it live, not once, not twice, but three times in 2012… the highlight of these shows being the intimate instore show at Jet Black Cat Records. Here’s the band playing Gold is Gone live at Brisbane Festival (complete with me hooting at the end). Seriously a contender for album of the year!

Ian Rilen & The Love AddictsFamily from Cuba

This is a posthumous release, but let me say from the outset, it is brimming with the life, love and energy that Rilen oozed. Rilen, for those who are not familiar with his work helped to define the shape and sound of Australian music, so it is fitting that his final recordings see the light of day. He was and will remain, our greatest ever, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Man’. The album is studded with gems. Here’s the opening track, the blues-fuelled, Wishing Well.

Mia DysonThe Moment

After being tested to her limits in her quest to ‘make it’ in the USA, Dyson has returned triumphant with an album that will reach deep inside you. The songs on The Moment have a timelessness about them; a raw, heartbroken honesty combined with some mighty fine rock hooks that make the album one that you want to sing along to (and I mean sing loud!). Here’s one of the quieter moments on the album, the bittersweet, Tell Me.

The FauvesGerman Engines

Australia’s [criminally underrated] masters of sardonic rock, The Fauves have had a creative flurry this past couple of years, releasing Japanese Engines in 2011 and following it up last year with the equally brilliant, German Engines. No-one does tongue-in-cheek like The Fauves… here’s a perfect example, the brilliantly dry, Six Minute Abs (played live here by Coxy and The Doctor).

The Stress of LeisureCassowary

Brisbane-ites, The Stress of Leisure released their fourth album, Cassowary; an album that brings together songs about fitness, sex, sharks, cocktails and of course, very large tropical birds. It’s indie-rock at its irreverent best;  with hooks as sharp as a Cassowary’s talons, the album will work its way under your skin and have you stylishly nodding along to song after song. Here’s the epic, Sex Times.


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Brisbane Festival Highlights – Mia Dyson, Charge Group & Ghostboy

Brisbane Festival is in full swing and already I have had the extreme pleasure of seeing Mia Dyson, play from her latest album, The Moment. I can’t speak highly enough of this album… it continues to worm its way deeper into my consciousness with each listen. From the opener, When The Moment Comes, Dyson lets you know that she is taking no prisoners. It barrels out at breakneck speed, the line ‘you’ll know what to do when the moment comes’ ringing with even greater truth after Dyson’s recent time in the USA, where she was lured with the promise of big opportunities, but stood tall and stayed true to her sound. It is an album of triumph and her performance last Thursday night was also that… a triumph. In the glorious surrounds of The Speigeltent, Mia mesmerised, charmed and filled the heart of every true listener with hope. I can’t wait to see where she goes from here…

Then for the third time this year, I had the privilege of seeing Charge Group play live in the Metro Arts Alleyway. This band just seems to get better every time I see them, and despite the ‘doof-doof’ spill from The Victory, Charge Group generated an energy that was nothing less than compelling, their songs swinging from angular to anthemic. Their self-titled sophomore release is still my Australian album of the year and is going to take some knocking off. Here’s the clip for their third single from the album, The Jaguar Complex. Seriously, if you get the chance to see them live, take it and be ready to fall in love with their sound!

And to round out my Brisbane Festival experience, I am heading off to see Ghostboy with Sir Lady Richard Grantham and their show, We Love You (as much as everybody else does). Described as a neo-cabaret-comedy-cannibal show, it is bound to have you wiping the sweat off your brow and the tears from your eyes. Nobody takes it to the crowd like Ghostboy, so if you want some truly live art, get your ticket here!


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It’s Saturday: Break the Sunlight

The morning sky has been wide open for some hours, and now as the first of the cloud lends its grey tinge to what is a divine winter day, the sounds of Sydney art-rock  outfit, Charge Group are urge me to break the sunlight.

Their self-titled sophomore album will (for me at least) undoubtedly be Australian album of the year. It’s an album of rich textures and infectious hooks, that surges deeper through you with each listen. And it is joyous! With each listen since seeing the band play live at The Beetle Bar and again at Jet Black Cat a couple of weekends ago, that sense of playfulness and joy has grown. The instore gig at Jet Black Cat, was one of those rare live music experiences where the outside world ceased to exist; where band and audience became one, creating their own intimate universe.

So as you break the sunlight on your Saturday, do it with the sounds of Charge Group ringing deep in your heart.!


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Sounds of 2011 #1: Run the Opposite Way

It’s that time of year when the obligatory ‘best of’ lists start popping up all over the place, so I thought I would shed a little light on some of the sounds that have been filling my head in the best way possible this year. Rather than point to some of the bigger names who have released absolute gems – Bad As Me by Tom Waits and Reverie by Joe Henry to name but two – I am opting to showcase some of the best bands you may never have heard of. So let’s kick things off with Sydney art rockers, Charge Group.

Run – Charge Group

Dynamic riffing, violin plucking and pulsing rhythms drive this song deep into the gut, where it begs to be played on repeat, while the rest of your body finds movement irresistable. It needs to be piped into ‘christmas rush’ shopping centres to create a riot! And the film clip, well it’s up there with my all time favourites: men with sacks on their heads, synchronised dancing and elegantly gritty surrounds. So don’t, as the band say, ‘run the opposite way’, let the bolt of electricity that is Charge Group flow right through you:


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